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OMEARA Howls At The ‘Wolves’

OMEARA Wolves on the Right Chord Music Blog

Discover OMEARA’s evocative indie pop. 

OMEARA – Wolves

If you’re a Kate Bush fan, you might appreciate this one! Not only does OMEARA have a throaty vocal style that echoes Ms Bush, but her track ‘Wolves’ starts with a sly reference to ‘Running Up That Hill’, using the image of hills and a snatch of that famous melody. (And if you only know it as that song from Stranger Things, you’re forgiven – just go and listen to some Kate Bush!).

OMEARA is the project of Jasmin O’Meara, a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist hailing from Montreal. She’s breaking onto the scene with her debut EP ‘Desert Heart’, from which this track is taken.

‘Wolves’ is a passionate indie-pop-electro track about the lengths we’ll go to for love, even when it’s dangerous.

Jasmin’s lyrics evoke an array of vivid images of this, singing ‘I fought through the wars…I’ve dived into water…crawled my way past a thousand city lights to be with you’. Yet the title confirms that all is not well, that this love is perhaps not a safe one, that the ‘wolves are closing in’. This is all delivered with powerful melodies and OMEARA’s strong, committed vocals. 

The production is creative, notable for its use of multiple vocal hooks – a folky hum here, a rhythmic pattern there – and even layering them on top of each other. The guitar and bass have echoes of grunge, the sharp driving beats belong more with indie and electro tracks, yet an unexpected harmonica also adds a folk element. It’s an interesting mix that creates a unique sound, and a strong debut for this artist. Fans of Kate Bush, Eurythmics, and Fiona Apple will find something to enjoy here. 

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Words Eden Tredwell