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Mean & Filthy Share ‘Shades Of Red’

Mean & Filthy 'Shades of Red' single on Right Chord Music Blog

‘Shades Of Red’ by Mean & Filthy is a mid-paced alternative rock/metal number that features a blend of prog-metal-inspired riffs, imposing vocals, eastern-influenced melodies and heavy-handed drumming. 

Mean & Filthy – Shades Of Red

Mean & Filthy are a Glasgow-based alt-rock band, characterized by a blend of heavy riffs, anthemic chords, and warm vocal harmonies. Their diverse influences, such as rock, metal, funk, hip-hop, and electronica, have shaped their writing into a blend of the vintage and the contemporary, and with ‘Shades Of Red’, they deliver yet another heavyweight number. 

“Shades Of Red is a remarkable blend of sledgehammer riffs and haunting vocal melodies.” 

From the start, the gargantuan prog-metal riffs pulsate with vigour, providing the groundwork for the dramatic vocals to unfold, which pierce through the layers of sound and carry a haunting quality that perfectly complements the riffs. 

Then, the evocative pre-chorus builds anticipation, setting the stage for further atmospherics during the chorus. The song also features an interesting bridge section with loads of dynamic rhythm guitar and layered vocals before crashing over amidst an avalanche of riffs.

Other aspects of the song worthy of mention are the drumming and bass lines. Their strong rhythmic patterns add a further layer of complexity that elevates the composition and add further elasticity and weight to the guitar assault.

Also, ‘Shades Of Red’ features an intriguing element with the eastern-influenced melodies/scales that weave seamlessly into the song’s fabric. This addition adds a touch of exoticism, one that, for example, resembles the sound of prog-metal acts like Opeth and Tool.

Overall, appealing to rock and metal fans alike, ‘Shades Of Red’ blends precise technique with catchy songwriting to create a hard-hitting, memorable piece. 

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Words Fidel Beserra