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Brianna Scully wants to Fuck Up Your Life!

Brianna Scully Fuck Up Your Life on Right Chord Music

The last single before the release of her debut EP, Fuck Up Your Life shows Brianna Scully thirsty for vengeance.

Brianna Scully – Fuck Up Your Life

Now here’s a song every one of us can surely identify with. Brianna Scully has decided she has had enough of being the helpless wronged fairytale princess. No more turning the other cheek! Watch out, the scumbag who thought you could step on her heart and then just walk away. She wants to “Fuck Up Your Life”!

With a self-proclaimed knack for confessional lyrics, the LA-based singer-songwriter has penned the best F-U anthem I’ve heard in years. The marriage of her understated, slightly breathy delivery, her sweet girlie tone and the blunt vengefulness of the chorus (complete with an F-bomb dropped with the sincerest casualness) just makes the whole experience irresistible!

All the more so because the explosive “I’ll get to you, bastard” chorus doesn’t pop up before the verses excruciatingly describe the continuous abuse this girl has been subjected to. “You think I’m pretty when I don’t speak”, she goes to then add: “While I’m screaming at the ceiling/ You’re out screwing someone else”.

Of course, the naked vengeance vows in the chorus could never be delivered without the appropriate synth-boom, blowing up every time she utters each line’s last syllable. The distorted guitar strokes, kept blunt, free of reverbs and only backed up by the simplest of electronic beats sound painfully true to the lyrics’ epiphanic sincerity. Yes, she does hate you and is probably planning quite the retaliation. What are you going to do about it? There’s power in stating a not-so-endearing fact of life out loud, no frivolous adornments, no beating around the bush.

After receiving coverage from Happy Mag, Bored City, Lost in the Nordics and Right Chord Music, Brianna Scully is releasing her debut EP “MANIC” this Autumn. “Fuck Up Your Life” is the final single before the full project comes out.

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio