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OAKLND masters breezy alt-pop with his new track ‘PARIS’


OAKLND’s raw and personal lyrics paired with powerful pop instrumentation give ‘PARIS’ a melancholic and relatable touch whilst still being catchy and worthy of some heavy rotation.


OAKLND’s silky-smooth vocals subtly layer together for a warming sound that will hit you right in the heart, as he gets candid and sprinkles a touch of indie flavour. 

“Undeniably chart worthy.”

With an infectious sound that is undeniably chart-worthy, OAKLND’s masterful production and meaningful lyrics nod to the likes of LANY and LAUV, but harbour an extra quirky zest that keeps his brand fresh and original. 

Speaking about the track, OAKLND revealed. “It was probably the most vulnerable I’ve ever been on a track.”

OAKLND also admits learning a lot from the recording process. Paris was co-produced by Casey Barth who has co-written for some of his favourite artists including Julia Michaels (Happy + What A Time w/Niall Horan) and Quinn XCII (Meeting Strangers).

OAKLND is making a name for himself as one of the best and brightest new indie-pop artists and it’s not hard to see why. 

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Words Chloe Hadded