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Kyle Richardson Will Give You ‘Anything’

Kyle Richardson Anything on Right Chord Music

Discover Kyle Richardson and his classic feel-good pop love song ‘Anything’.

Kyle Richardson – ‘Anything’

‘You’re shivering, here take my sweater, it’s cold out but for you I’ll bear the weather’ opens ‘Anything’ by Kyle Richardson. Those lines may ring a little false in the middle of a heatwave, but let’s assume it can apply to metaphorical weather as well. It’s that kind of classic, some may say old-fashioned love that Richardson evokes in this track. 

Kyle Richardson is a pop singer-songwriter hailing from Canada. With a varied career that’s seen him writing with big names and providing guest vocals on dance tracks, he’s back with consistent releases after a few years of hiatus.

‘Anything’ is a lush mid-tempo pop ballad dedicated to an unconditional, no-holds-barred kind of love.

Richardson’s heartfelt lyrics describe a joyful kind of vulnerability, singing ‘I’ll let you see my heart wide open’, with the titular chorus taking on an almost-superhero mentality, saying ‘together we can do anything’. The melodies are natural and effective and delivered in Richardson’s strong vocals, which are smooth, assured and easy on the ears. 

The production centres around a soaring guitar line, accompanied by power chords and pulsing beats. The backing vocals are also incredibly effective, with vocal hooks and layers adding an epic flavour to the track. It’s a little short at around 2 and a half minutes, but very listenable. Fans of singer-songwriter acts like LAUV, Daniel Powter and The Script will find plenty to enjoy in this heartfelt piece. Fans can also check out the music video to get a taste of Richardson’s style, and listen out for him on Canadian radio.

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Words Eden Tredwell