Kaelin Ellis Assures Us ‘The Funk Will Prevail’ With Gorgeous New Album

A gorgeous blend of smooth jazzy notes and flavourful funk elements, Kaelin Ellis’ new album is one you can really call easy listening. The Orlando based producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist is showing us exactly what he is made of with his vibrant new project, creating something soft on the ears yet equally foot tapping and dance-worthy.

Kaelin Ellis – ‘The Funk Will Prevail’

Injecting subtle elements of hip-hop into tracks like ‘LIL BIT’, alongside hints of electronica in ‘THE CALM’, the lo-fi style album is a musical masterpiece that will satisfy a range of sound palettes. Packed with 14 genius tracks, Kaelin Ellis does a perfect job of keeping listeners on their toes, providing a soundtrack that really provides everything. 

Also seeing guest appearances from collaborators Carrtoons, The Kount, CS Armstrong and others, ‘The Funk Will Prevail’ is a project that was inspired by a wide range of sonic influences, in turn creating an album that is wonderfully eclectic. Weaving humorous lyrics into tracks like ‘BUCK’, Kaelin Ellis keeps things fun and lively throughout the LP, as the featuring vocals advise listeners that they shouldn’t ‘skip this song’ so they can experience the full force of ‘the funk’. 

Lighthearted and witty – ‘The Funk Will Prevail’ will make you want to laugh whilst you groove, and is the perfect album to take us into those long-awaited summer months.

The reverberating beats of ‘DON’T BE LATE’ interestingly pair perfectly with its tinkly piano break, as their somewhat contrasting tones formulate a surprisingly cohesive sound that is both quirky and addictive. The master of dynamic concoctions, Kaelin Ellis continues to broaden his already shining discography with his newest album, proving he really is an artist to keep a close eye on. 

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Words Chloe Hadded