Nordir Go Galactic To Awaken ‘Inner Child’

Listlessly staring at the planetary mobile that hangs from his bedroom ceiling lies this boy. Soon he realises that, if he’s to find something to truly arouse his interest, it won’t be inside that lifeless room. So begins the official video for Inner Child (1987), the new single by Nordir.

Nordir – Inner Child

Nu-disco banger ‘Inner Child’ by Nordir is about a jaded man, somewhat disappointed with life, but still intent on finding enjoyment. Our wannabe astronaut gets up, dons his spacesuit and leaves to explore!

Bandmates Viktor and Lars wrote this song as a homage of sorts to the year 1987, when both were born, to reconnect with that puerile thirst for life and novelty that seems to have been burning out in them. For a song about lusting for life, vocalist Viktor’s delivery is actually remarkably restrained. Even the chorus never skyrockets in uncontrollable bliss. But this is a flame meant to burn less intensely and, hopefully, last longer.

“When your intuition proves you wrong, it’s better to let go than to move on”, wisely remarks our poet side by side with an infectious beat which pays homage to the best of 80s dance.

At the very end, after wandering through a deserted beach at sunset, our stoic adventurer gapes at the fetching landscape and cracks a sly smirk. Worn down by life? Maybe a little, but still diligently stoking the old flame.

Siberian Viktor and Malaysian Lars have been making music together since 2019 and have played a number of festivals for diversity and tolerance, such as the Festival Contre Le Racisme, the Pax Terra Musica and the Ulmer Friedenswochen.

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio