Phantom reappears with enigmatic club jam The Space Between Us

Phantom is a multi-instrumentalist solo project which takes visuals just as seriously as the sound and, well, it’s back this time, with The Space Between Us, a less progressive rock-sounding track, veering more towards 80s post disco revival. And they own this sound, as well!

True to their name, Phantom likes to cultivate an aura of mystery, preferring not to show their face in videos, which are instead filled with eerie scenes ranging from nature and space to cartoon sequences and classic cinema moments, usually in a found footage style that complements the sound’s retro-indie experimental character.

The echoing whispered vocals almost fade into the background, much like a ghost presence, rendering the thumping beat that little bit creepier. “I wanna remember you/ Just the way you are”, murmurs the evanescent voice right before continuing: “With all the space between us/ We’ll never make it out alive”. This could well read like a regular love declaration from someone who is finding it difficult to surmount some sort of emotional barrier. Yet, coming from such a ghostly voice… I don’t know. Watch out, they are overcoming this space that divides you both and taking a souvenir of this encounter. Just make sure you’re not the souvenir!

The nu-classic 80s beat is a showstopper on its own and, as previously said, takes precedence in the soundscape. But the eerie vocals keep seeping back, adding that unique Phantom-like quality (pun intended). Here the video shows a pair of hands steering a spacecraft right past galaxies, constellations, planets and black holes, maybe exploring every inch of this “space between us”?

Phantom has been making music since 2009. It hails from “the bowels of Canada”, as described by its one musician and producer in a perfect encapsulation of the project’s spirit. Of course, this is an artist who won’t reveal their name if you torture them! They materialise, drop their mysterious message, then fade away…

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Words Eden Tredwell