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Nohland Pours His Heart Out On ‘Vienna’

Nohland Vienna review on Right Chord Music Blog

Nohland is back with the strikingly emotional ‘Vienna,’ his first single of 2024.

Nohland – Vienna 

Returning to the scene with his follow-up to 2023’s EP ‘Some Happy Place’, Nohland has resurfaced with his unfeigned brand of indie folk pop.

A gentle ambience sets ‘Vienna’ off as its chilled-out drumming and Paul Simon esq guitar line take the reigns. It’s not long before Nohland cuts in with his lyrics, carefully delivered, to explore his longing for an emotional connection with ‘the one that got away’.

The musicianship on this track is incredible, with its gentle tones and retrospective ambiences. Clocking in at precisely three minutes, Nohland embodies that ‘pop perfection’ attitude – taking the listener on an emotional journey complete with hook, melody and chorus. The record has been carefully crafted to be as emotionally intense as it can be.

‘Vienna’s chorus rings out, “And all that matters in the end is that I find you again”, showcasing Nohland’s masterful ability to craft stories, images and lyrics that not only sound good but also carry a heartfelt meaning.

Drawing inspiration from bands such as Snow Patrol, The Fray and the golden era of Coldplay, Nohland aims to draw that nostalgic, sentimental feeling that comes with life’s ups and downs. He started his musical journey in 2017, during a French party when he started to play with the idea of devoting his life to music before eventually getting together the time, money and effort to move to London and aim high.

‘Vienna’ is an emotional ballad, heart-wrenchingly poignant, as Nohland proves himself as one of indie’s finest new wordsmiths.

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Words: Alex Malpass