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Nohland Invites ‘All My Friends’ To The Party.

Nohland All My Friends review on the Right Chord Music Blog

Nohland, aka Tomas Rojas, extends a personal invitation to the ultimate party – straight to your ears. Amidst the cacophony of voices and bustling crowds, his soothing voice and mellow melodies offer a comforting reminder: it’s okay if you’re not where you expected to be; you’re not falling behind if you’re not falling in love.

Nohland – All My Friends

Born and raised in Panama, Tomas Rojas found inspiration for his new musical venture during a night in Paris, in an area aptly translated to Nohland. This transformative experience not only gave rise to his music project’s moniker but also laid the foundation for its debut single, ‘All My Friends.’

Drawing from influences like Fred Again and Coldplay, Nohland crafts a sonic landscape reminiscent of artists such as Griff and Sam Fischer. The fusion of synths and guitars evokes a sense of nostalgia, reflecting the familiar yet repetitive nature of everyday life for Nohland. The sparse instrumentation and arrangement perfectly complement the track’s style and genre, lending an authentic and raw quality to Nohland’s talkative and relatable vocal delivery.

Lyrically, ‘All My Friends’ immediately transports listeners to a bustling party scene, where feelings of overwhelm and self-comparison loom large. Nohland candidly explores the emotional turmoil of growing older and feeling adrift, resonating with anyone who’s ever questioned their path in life. His poignant observation, “it’s so hard to be someone these days,” strikes a chord with listeners and creatives alike.

“Nohland’s ‘All My Friends’ not only captures the essence of life’s introspective moments but also delights with its rich musicality, weaving together nostalgic guitars and synths with heartfelt vocals.”

The production of ‘All My Friends’ mirrors the track’s DIY aesthetic, capturing a homegrown authenticity that feels refreshingly unpolished. The minimal arrangement allows Nohland’s introspective lyrics to take centre stage, showcasing his strength as a storyteller. Grounded in honesty and wit, ‘All My Friends’ serves as a poignant reminder to embrace the journey, wherever it may lead.

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Words Rachel Colton