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Leah Eccles Explores Love On Debut Album ‘Complete Wisteria’

Leah Eccles Complete Wisteria album review on Right Chord Music

Singer-songwriter and producer Leah Eccles, from Blackburn, Lancashire, has unveiled her debut LP, Complete Wisteria. This album, building on her debut EP, Wisteria, is a profound exploration of love and its many facets.

Leah Eccles

Despite having only a few releases to her name, Leah Eccles has caught the attention of many, including the legendary Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order), who praised her music as “dreamy, thoughtful, and wonderfully listenable.” This praise adds significant credibility to Eccles’ budding career.

Leah Eccles – Complete Wisteria

Her new LP, Complete Wisteria, is an 11-track album that delves into the concept of love from various perspectives. It features Eccles’ previously released singles, along with four new tracks that continue to showcase her delightful pop/lo-fi sound.

Love can thrive in many different circumstances, and Leah has crafted a beautiful soundtrack for each one. The album begins with Wisteria, a brief yet dreamy intro track that relies on minimalistic production and Leah’s heavenly vocals, setting the perfect mood for the rest of the album.

An album centered on love naturally includes many endearing moments. This is evident throughout the record, particularly in Lilac Skies, a lovely piece dedicated to Leah’s significant other, capturing the sentiment of support and security he brings her.

If you think this LP is all sugar-coated lovey-dovey moments, you’d be mistaken. Aura serves as proof, depicting jealousy and the frustration of not being able to overcome intrusive thoughts, all backed by synth-pop arrangements that lend a more serious tone to the track.

In a similar vein, Birthday Champagne offers a poignant vibe with its gloomy synth-pop sound. The song narrates unhealthy coping mechanisms stemming from a lack of self-love and care, conveyed through sorrowful instrumentation and Leah’s emotionally charged vocals.

Returning to the album’s sweet beginnings, Dashboard Dialogue is a heartfelt ode to Leah’s best friend and their unbreakable bond. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar and raindrop effects, Leah narrates a soothing tale in Even In The Rain, about someone encountering a past crush and the longing that meeting evokes.

Next on the album comes what may be its most significant moment: Send This To The Sky, a heartfelt song dedicated to Leah’s mother, who passed away nearly a decade ago. Leah hopes this touching tribute will resonate with anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one.

Marmoris immerses listeners in its lo-fi ambience and infectious beats, encapsulating the profound yearning of desiring someone’s affection so deeply that it becomes a palpable ache. The track’s rhythmic allure and laid-back production evoke a sense of longing and passion, painting a vivid musical portrait of being irresistibly drawn to another’s love.

A t m (at the moment) follows with an ethereal soundscape of chill beats and absorbing arrangements, serving as a sublime anthem for those feeling left behind in life, especially when comparing their goals and achievements to others.

Bringing the album full circle, 2:38 uses the same effects and instrumentation as the opening track, ending the collection with a minimal yet effective approach. It also illustrates the anxiety of caring for someone who doesn’t share the same feelings.

As an added treat, Complete Wisteria features an extra track—a clean version of Birthday Champagne.

“Complete Wisteria is vulnerable, introspective, and endearing. It’s a soulful ode to love, made from the heart and rooted in universal themes.”

Leah Eccles has crafted an honest and relatable debut album, blending lyrical sincerity with music that is effortlessly approachable, ensuring she connects with a wide audience.

To experience Complete Wisteria firsthand, don’t miss Leah Eccles’ upcoming performance on Sunday, July 7th, at The National Festival of Making in Blackburn.

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