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New Town Advocate For Love On Debut ‘Sail Away’

New Town - Sail Away

Serving as proof of the fantastic and varied independent music scene in Glasgow, four-piece New Town has shared their official debut Sail Away.

New Town – Sail Away

This track is a fresh and brilliant sonic display regarding love’s hardships with a distinctive and relatable take on Indie Pop that seems to yell “mainstream material”.

Consisting of David James (Vocals, guitar), Kieran Smith (writer, guitar), Rob Haggerty (bass), and Euan Mcalonan (drums), New Town is one of those projects that are hard to forget. Whether it’s the enticing lyrics or the pleasant instrumentation, or a mixture of both, the truth is that New Town is more than meets the eye, thanks to its likability and proficient artistry.

Exciting to the core and embodying young love, Sail Away is a memorable hymn for ever-lasting romance.

Driven by emotive guitar riffs and an enticing rhythm section, this rock piece is a romantic auditive testimony of the power of true love and how it prevails above all things. This is what frontman David James had to say about the inspiration behind the song:

This song is about what everybody else thinks of your relationship. It’s about knowing some things are bad for you but you keep going back despite what others might think. It’s the acceptance that you know it’s not good for your mental health but love triumphs over all other feelings. It’s about seeing all the good and blocking out the bad.”

It is well known that first impressions count, and with this impactful first offering, New Town has made a strong statement as a force to be reckoned with in Scotland’s uprising music scene. With a future appearance at King Tut’s Summer Nights and an EP coming soon, this is a band that you will keep hearing from in the future.

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Words Javier Rodriguez