Camens Thank Fans For New Single ‘Illustrator’

Camens were one of many bands heavily affected by the lockdown, Luckily in a heartwarming display of love, their fans stepped up to finance the band’s latest release.

Camens – Illustrator

Camens launched their ‘Ambassadors of Camens’ Patreon channel, launched in July 2020. as a response to the Covid pandemic, #AOC was launched to try to keep the band alive. It more than surpassed that. “The support since launching is as big a testament to the number of real fans that love and support us as you can get” the band explain. “We’ve created a real community of Camens fans around the world with members as far away as USA, Mexico and even New Zealand!”.

Two years on, it’s clear Camens has risen once more, and are ready to take the world by storm, coming up with some of their most impressive work to date, their first single Poltergeist gained positive feedback from blogs media and generated almost 30k plays on Spotify.

The follow-up to Poltergeist, Illustrator, is a vibrant Indie rock jam filled with 00s Indie energy, showcasing fast riffs and a catchy chorus tailor-made for festivals.

The lyrics dive into being attracted to creative girls, while this might sound simple on paper, this band took this concept and gave it its own twist in a clever and endearing way that will make you have it on repeat for the rest of your week.

Illustrator is a feel-good track that resonates not only for its likability as a musical piece but also due to this group’s undeniable passion.

The last couple of years were very hard for new artists, that’s why hearing stories like this one really put a smile on our faces, reminding us that there is a “light at the end of the tunnel”. Still, with more surprises to come for the rest of 2022, it’s safe to say that Camens are stronger than ever.

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Words Javier Rodriguez