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Elliot Porter Wades Back ‘Into The Light’ 

Elliot Porter Into The Light on Right Chord Music

Elliot Porter’s new single ‘Into The Light’ is a delightful Americana number celebrating true and lasting love.

Elliot Porter – Into The Light

Remember that time, in the early 2000s, when Madonna delved into a mock-country aesthetic, fiercely belting that “music makes the people come together” mantra? Well, that album also contained a less remembered acoustic guitar-driven ballad named I deserve it, which had her whisper-singing and celebrating the solace she had just found in the arms of then-husband Guy Ritchie. It may seem odd to begin a review of an Americana number with a reference to the Queen of Pop, but Cambridge-based songster Elliot Porter’s new single Into The Light may well be described as the dude-bro version of Madge’s romantic country-pop gem.

Opting for a sober, understated take on love, Porter manages to craft an atmosphere that perfectly recalls a calm romantic stroll on a farm. The acoustic guitar-driven melody gently dawns like a sunrise, shedding light on our lovers, who are probably sat by a stream, serenely savouring God’s blessing un-to their lives.

The stoic, almost broody tone fits the main theme well, given that this churl is singing about how this new love has basically rescued him from his old wild bad boy days “I was getting lost in the nights and the fantasy/Going to places I regret”, he calmly relays, to then continue: “You changed my heart (…) You saw all there was inside/When you let in the light”. “Some might even add: “I made it through the wilderness… but you made me feel like a virgin”, but I digress.

A classic country guitar riff deftly sews the stanzas together, deepening the sense of lingering satisfaction of having found one’s final true love. This fire certainly burns less intensely (or at least less profusely) than some sweeping infatuations we hear about in other love songs. And yet never at any second does his voice sound less than staunchly sure that this is the flame he wants to bask in until his very last breath.

After receiving constant airplay and praise from the BBC for his first two albums, Elliot Porter is admittedly embarking on a new phase of his career, which he describes as “more atmospheric”. According to him, the change in sound reflects new turns his own life has taken recently. He plans to release an EP next year.

“The broody guitar-driven melody and Porter’s understated vocals underline the artist’s serene and stoic take on love.”

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio