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The Rafters Mean Business On New Single Murder Mile

The Rafters Murder Mile

“Better run for your life! If you fall, prepare to die”, screeches this lad in the most straightforward, punky way possible. And from the get-go, you know The Rafters are not messing about.

The Rafters – Murder Mile

Nathan Griffiths’ gritty, near-guttural vocals really are the core of this number, as they ride the punching guitars, ever forward, never showing any sign of running out of steam!

A fantastic throwback to those laddish punk tunes of yore, the kind designed to fuel nights and nights of drunken moshing and set fire to pub crowds. The adrenaline-fueled sound, as well as the thrilling story of a man fleeing a gang’s murderous appetite recall Iron Maiden’s earlier output, when they still peppered their heavy metal with a few sprinkles of punkish fun.

The chase story is reminiscent of Gangland, but the uplifting sound and fierce delivery ooze a devil-may-care feeling that better resembles the likes of Running Free or Prowler. Griffiths sounds urgent in a way that never quite suggests the horror of someone who fears for their life. Rather, he comes off as enamoured with the thrill of the chase, like someone who knows the danger they’re in, but is way too high on God knows what to even care…

The Rafters come from Blackburn, Lancashire and consist of vocalist and guitarist Nat Griffiths, Guitarist Joe Roscow, bassist Ryan McDermott and drummer George Whittingham. This is their fourth single and, without going into detail, the band guarantee that there is more music coming out this September.

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio