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Micah Willis Re-imagines ‘If Dreams Were Money’

Micah Willis If Dreams Were Money on Right Chord Music

Ready to add more accolades to his already long list of accomplishments, experienced musician Micah Willis has revealed the astonishing blues track, If Dreams Were Money.

Michah Willis – If Dreams Were Money

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Micah Willis has been involved with music for as long as he can remember. Son of the veteran blues musician Kenny Neal, his talent hasn’t gone unnoticed. So far, he has won four Downbeat Music awards and also appeared in the Disney Channel series Andi Mack.

Although Micah has recorded plenty of original songs, on this occasion, he chose to make a cover of Bruce Marshall’s song If Dreams Were Money. A track that was not only delightful to perform due to his respect and admiration for Marshall but also one that he feels will resonate with people all around the globe due to its relevant theme:

The message really hits close to home too. I mean yeah, it’s tough to be a musician. I’d have a hell of a lot bigger house if my dreams became money. But the song is just timeless. I think it can resonate with people no matter the generation they come from“. – said the artist about this musical piece.

Raising the temperature with its bluesy guitar and Micah’s soulful delivery, this tune transports the listener to a higher place without ever leaving the comfort of their home.

The composition truly takes advantage of its marvellous instrumentation to the point where you lose yourself in the organ and sax fills, slowly diving into this thick wall of textures.

“If Dreams Were Money is a brilliant rendition of an already exquisite song, splendidly performed.”

Hard work generally pays off, and it certainly has for Micah Willis, who has proved to be a creative force whose artistic adaptability is highlighted in this cover.

Either acting or singing, this is a performer you should keep your eyes on and wait for his next move.

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