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Mentum Share Eagerly Anticipated EP ‘Million Dollar Baby’

Mentum Million Dollar Baby

Describing the emotional roller-coaster called life, Million Dollar Baby is the culmination of a dream project for Norway’s Mentum.

Mentum – Million Dollar Baby

Containing five beautiful tracks full of enjoyment and bliss delivered through a conglomerate of Pop, EDM, House, and many other varied influences.

Over the last six months, Mentum has released five singles, each as exciting and riveting as the last one. Together these melodies represent the collective life experiences of this duo, the ups and downs, and how this helped them to become who they are today, ladies and gentlemen, this is Million Dollar Baby.

Like Us Better opens this record with a clear example of what Mentum stands for as a group. The upbeat rhythm and the contagious chords evoke that sentiment of freedom and juvenile energy that has been a staple of this act since its formation in 2016.

Little Bit of Luck keeps the good vibes, addressing the wish of having some luck in the game of love after a heartbreak, this is done with a delightful dance production that was tailor-made for radio airplay and wild club nights.

The self-titled gem Million Dollar Baby drops the intensity for a little bit with a chill electronic beat and lyrics that illustrate that unique crush provoked by that special person that makes your world go crazy.

The rush of adrenaline returns with I Let Go, which is the perfect inspirational tune about following your dreams, delivered in a euphoric frenzy of harmonies that escalate into an explosive chorus, resulting in the ultimate middle finger to the naysayers and haters.

After listening to the five songs individually, Time is hands down the best option for closing this great EP due to its meaningful theme about having zero regrets for the decisions made, giving this compilation a warm and cathartic ending in the most joyful way possible.

Million Dollar Baby is an absolute blast. From beginning to end, this record embodies positivism, being the perfect way to forget about your problems and have a good time.

Whether it’s their friendly approach, outstanding production, superb performance, or a mixture of all those things combined, the truth is that this duo has crafted an unforgettable EP. You better remember the name Mentum because this work will have people talking for quite some time.

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Words Javier Rodriguez