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Mitch Allen Reflects On The Sweet Dreams of a Limo Star

Mitch Allen

Mitch Allen Brings Back The Seventies With His Sweet Dreams of a Limo Star.

Mitch Allen ‘Sweet Dreams of a Limo Star

Many people dream of becoming rich and famous, especially if they come from an unprivileged position or background. What could be better than enjoying everything that comes with fame and fortune, after all? Nothing, many would say. However, what is often neglected is that, along with fame, comes an avalanche of drastic consequences. Pressure, envy, fake friends, and the loss of anonymity are all heavy loads, which many have failed to bear. Perhaps the classic, charming tale of rags to riches is not all that charming. Exploring this ever-relevant theme, Ontario-based indie artist Mitch Allen has recently released his very own ‘Sweet Dreams Of A Limo Star’.

Inspired by the likes of Billy Preston and Wilson Pickett, Allen sought to create a song that captured the essence of the 1970s, both its glamour and decadence, which results in a catchy soul/R&B period piece. Gravitating around the infectious hook of its chorus, the organ-heavy song focuses on the dynamic drive of Allen’s colourful vocals, its lyrics dissecting the tale of the harsh realities and vivid fantasies of the 70s’ music industry. Production-wise, the song also remains in the realm of delicious anachronism, being digitally aged and boasting that raw, live music feel, despite being produced by the wizardry of modern instrumentation sampling. Allen adds: “I hope this song becomes representative of many stories, a tale that belongs firmly in the 70s but resonates and even feels relevant in today’s hyper-obsessed celebrity culture.”

 Sweet Dreams of a Limo Star is a retro-styled R&B number, both catchy and thoughtful. 

 Allen is in the early stages of his career but already demonstrates a lot of intelligence and creative ability, as well as a unique sensitivity to reliving aesthetics with the care to keep them relevant. Releasing a series of singles, and with his debut album coming soon, the artist has the tools to make the right impression moving forward. Stay tuned for his work, and make sure to connect with him on social media.

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Words Fidel Beserra