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Mentum Continue To Build With 4th Single ‘Time’

Mentum - Time

Taking advantage of the fantastic momentum (no pun intended) they have already built in 2022, Norwegian group Mentum return with ‘Time’ the 4th single from their forthcoming EP.

Mentum – Time

If only I could turn back time“…how many times have you heard that phrase throughout your life? It might sound simplistic at first glance, but this sentence is so universal that it can have both positive and negative connotations.

For Mentum ‘Time’ is about detaching yourself from regrets and realizing how all the experiences in your life (both good and bad) have helped you to become who you are today, and by extension, embracing the idea that if you could turn back time, you would do it all over again with zero remorse.

At this point is possible to distinguish a characteristic trait in Mentum’s sound. All these brilliant pop bangers have in common an untrammelled take on life, balancing subjects such as love, dream chasing, and just living with an optimistic view, the result is a collection of ecstatic auditive gems, and Time is no exception.

This new offering is arguably one of their most remarkable pieces in the euphoria department, which is saying a lot considering how this outfit has been recognized for crafting uplifting, dance-oriented jammers. The steady electronic beat in the first verse complements Finn’s vocals, preparing everything for a high-impact, catchy chorus that guarantees to make you jump from your seat.

“Time is an emphatic declaration of freedom integrated into a contagious sing-along tune.”

Tim and Finn have made a hell of a statement this year by solidifying their style and making a name for themselves in the independent scene of their native Norway. With so much hype surrounding them, it’s no exaggeration to say that the best for these young lads is yet to come.

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Words Javier Rodriguez