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Sanny Veloo – ‘I Don’t Believe The Truth’

Sanny Veloo - I Don't Believe The Truth

On his new single “I Don’t Believe The Truth” Sanny Veloo shares the reflections that have been boiling in his mind since the beginning of the pandemic.

Sanny Veloo – I Don’t Believe The Truth

Struck by lockdown blues, the Australian rocker can barely contain his scorn for the system. Don’t worry, though! Instead of bursting into anger, he decides to approach his disappointment with more of a tongue-in-cheek sense of irony.

The Indian-sounding intro declares that we’re about to hear an epiphany of sorts. But it isn’t long before distorted guitars crash through the glass ceiling and bring the transcendental vibes to an end. “All I can hear is my neighbour coughing through the walls”, laments our friend, tragicomically acknowledging his claustrophobic predicament. The pandemic has been quite a revealing time for many, since not only has the resulting home-imprisonment forced us to deal with our inner demons, but it has also laid bare more than a few cracks in our social edifice’s structure.

In an affect that sounds half-desperate, half-cracking into laughter (but then again only because of desperation…), Veloo has decided to reject the truth or… well, a certain truth that “keeps on selling me these lies /Like we’re alright” and inevitably “escaping with their crimes”. 

No matter how hard our tortured brother tries to cope by taking a few tokes and binge-watching flashy videos, he cannot help but notice that the sea is rising right before his front yard. And this is not the only flood he must deal with, as a deluge of adverts keep interrupting his escapism, announcements that seem to reflect his online searches and… thoughts(?) a bit too accurately. To make matters worse, he feels bare and vulnerable as hackers threaten his online peace and terrifying news of a looming Terminator-style A.I. take over constantly pop up!

And yet he never quite gives in to despair, probably because deep down he knows he is not alone… And this speck of hope shines through the uplifting garage rock sound! Indeed, the song almost sounds light-hearted due to Veloo’s playful delivery and the wild guitar riffs.

Art is no solution to the world’s ills in and of itself. But it may provide the soothing feeling of realising that more than a few brothers and sisters exist out there who share our anxieties and frustrations. What we do with that is up to us.

Written and produced by Veloo, the song was mixed by 10-time Grammy winner Darrell Thorpe, whose CV includes partnerships with Foo Fighters, Beck, Paul McCartney and Radiohead. Bass lines are provided by Sean Hurley, who has worked with John Mayer and Paul Stanley. His next single is due next January.

“An ironic guitar-led explosion of lockdown stress, I Don’t Believe The Truth exposes the angst of someone who is watching the world be destroyed while imprisoned in their bedroom”

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