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Surtsey Share The Warm Americana Of ‘Knot To Force’

Surtsey Knot to Force review on the Right Chord Music Blog

Discover Surtsey’s warm, Americana alt-country sound on their new single Knot To Force.

Surtsey – ‘Knot To Force’

‘Force the lock, you’re gonna break the key’ sings one of the chorus lines of ‘Knot To Force’. It sums up this song’s steady approach to life – that some things take time, and that’s no bad thing. It’s a nice reminder in a hectic, goal-focused world, and a catchy little tune.

Surtsey are a band hailing from Missouri, describing their sound as alt-country, Americana and indie-folk. This track comes ahead of their next EP release, ‘Nothing Doing’, due in April.

“Knot To Force is a warm, laidback country-Americana track, with a thoughtful approach and a worthwhile message.”

The lyrics are full of classic imagery – ‘this old horse ain’t giving in’ – as well as tender touches of romance, with lines like ‘you left a quarter on a bottlecap in my room on my nightstand, seemed content to sleep til noon’. There’s some wisdom here too, reminding you that life is an ‘even keel of the good and bad’ and sweetly remarking ‘your room for grace ain’t lost on me’. The melodies have a classic country influence and are well crafted, delivered in plaintive lead vocals with gorgeously tight backing harmonies.

The production centres around bright, bluesy guitar strumming, alongside chugging beats and a mellow bass. And just to make it really down-home, there’s a wistful Pedal Steel. Fans of classic acts like Neil Young and Tim McGraw will find something to enjoy here, and anyone looking for a little depth in their lyrics will find some here – the track concluding, ‘in God’s teeth we’re all the same’.

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