Max Rad Releases The Wonderfully Upbeat LP ‘Joy Wonder’

After a series of releases over the last five years, Bristol-based songwriter and producer Max Radford, aka Max Rad, has finally unveiled his debut album Joy Wonder, a compilation of nine songs that represent a clash of exciting concepts, mixing lo-fi electronica, hip-hop, and indie for a wonderfully dreamy aural trip.

Max Rad – Joy Wonder

Originally from Stroud but currently residing in Bristol, Max Rad is an artist that has developed a fascinating music style, bringing a cool spin to Electronic music.

His debut LP Joy Wonder is the result of Max wanting to create something uplifting during a time when uncertainty prevailed in his life, as well as the contrast that was listening to Club music while walking alone on the cliffs of Cornwall.

Let Me Think About It, the first tune in this collection kicks off displaying a masterclass in Electronica, featuring a thick wall of textures, with dreamy vocals taking us into a heavenly soundscape.

The following tracks, Moonshine, Roll Out, and Blud Sugar, maintain the hallucinating trippy atmosphere displayed previously, adding fascinating elements like back vocal effects that give this album a good dose of catchiness.

Songs like Dream Big prove that Max is more than just another DJ creating electronic tunes. Even with the hazy nature of melodies like this one, this artist demonstrates how his songwriting is as crucial as the engaging production, displaying heartfelt verses.

Clap-like beats set the mood for the next composition Hold Fire, which brings a lot of groove and rhythm to this record to what is the most danceable song in this work.

Point Me In The Right Direction evokes strong EDM vibes during its adrenaline-infused intro, making it feel at times like it could find a home in a nightclub.

Coming full circle Red Skies and Joy Wonder give this LP a cathartic closure, the latter being a 100% instrumental piece exuding positive vibes with its infectious rhythm.

Joy Wonder is a perfectly candid, and emotional record which engages from beginning to end.

In a genre often labelled as cold and synthetic, Joy Wonder successfully breaks those stereotypes, conveying unparalleled enjoyment thanks to that collision of countryside and city. This is for sure a debut made the right way.

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Words Javier Rodriguez