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Pook Hustle Shows His Vulnerabilities On ‘Mental Health’

Pook Hustle - Mental Health

There is no question about the importance of mental health. But it’s a topic that needs to be talked about more frequently. This line of thought motivated rapper Pook Hustle to display a rare side. His latest single takes a deep dive into this crucial subject.

Pook Hustle – Mental Health

For Brooklyn-based Pook Hustle, not everything has been sold-out shows or critically acclaimed singles. Before the Hustleman could thrive as a performer, life had its fair share of setbacks and harsh experiences, his latest song Mental Health showcases a more serious topic that this artist hopes can inspire others with similar issues.

Taking a different approach than most of his previous deliveries, Mental Health lets us see Pook Hustle in one of his most vulnerable moments, coming up with some of the most heartbreaking rhymes he has crafted so far.

For this jam, The Hustleman narrates some of the rough times he had to endure during a dark chapter in his life, no metaphors, no symbolisms, just the raw and upfront situations he lived, evidenced in aching lines like:

Used to want to save the world

Can’t save myself

So much pain

Nothing helps

Got me going with the flow

My mental health

All this sentiment gets exalted by an up-to-par production that despite the poignancy showcased, manages to maintain a fantastic flow through the entire piece, adorned by back vocal effects that fit like a glove with the theme.

Mental Health is a highly reflective jam, displaying lyrical fragility at its finest.

In the past, Pook Hustle showed his overwhelming production skills, and now in this new tune, he has proved his versatility as a lyricist, excelling at crafting compelling music that comes from the soul. The Hustleman has done it again, demonstrating that even when things get really dark, faith and hope can thrive and create something positive from the ashes.

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