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Olivia May Takes A Nostalgic Trip On Garage Infused Single ‘LOML’

Olivia May LOML

Discover Olivia May ‘LOML’ Garage-influenced pop, both fresh and nostalgic.

Olivia May LOML

Do you believe there’s such a thing as the love of your life? The one you’ll never forget, the one you’ll love forever, and if you’re unlucky, the one that got away? It’s both a romantic and slightly terrifying notion to me. But Olivia May’s ‘LOML’ expands it beyond the romantic, saying ‘this track is simply about my best friends who I’ve known since nursery’, which is a sweet and refreshing sentiment. And who doesn’t love a good acronym?

Olivia May is an alt-pop singer-songwriter based in Manchester, UK. This is her sophomore single, having released her debut in 2021 and since then slowly building up live slots and airplay.

‘LOML’ is a bittersweet and euphoric electro-pop track with a good dose of garage influence.

Olivia May tells the story of a flood of memories and realisations on a journey – ‘drove past your childhood home…still have that photo of you by the lake’. There’s some nice adolescent detail in there – ‘got so lucky with my second family’. And there’s both joy and regret in the nostalgic lyrics as she sings ‘How did I not realise that I cried ‘cos I missed you?’. Her sweet, clear vocals float over the track, along the classic pop melodies, singing ‘It’s the love of my life’.

The production features beats heavily influenced by garage and 90s electronica – artists like Shanks & Bigfoot come to mind, as well as more modern contemporaries like Alexis Jordan. With its flickering synths, angelic harmonies, and glitching vocal effects, it all sets up an instantly infectious groove. It’s a widely accessible track with a sweet core of sentiment that’s very easy on the ears. 

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Words Eden Tredwell