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ellakate Shows Attitude On ‘It’s Not My Fault’

ellakate It's Not My Fault

Grungy, angsty teen-pop with some quirky personality from ellakate on her new single It’s Not My Fault.

ellakate – It’s Not My Fault

‘It’s not my fault’ is a phrase that can instantly bring to mind childish tantrums and gruelling arguments. But dang it, sometimes you need to stamp your feet and sometimes no other phrase rings as true. And hey – if you’ve warned someone you don’t want a relationship, and they continue to push it and get hurt, perhaps it really isn’t your fault. That’s what ellakate is battling in her latest single, named – what else – ‘It’s not my fault’. 

ellakate is an alt-pop singer-songwriter born and based in Atlanta, Georgia. She’s relatively new on the scene, with debut singles released in 2022, but proving she has consistency.

‘It’s not my fault’ is a tense, charged little alt-pop track, that alternates between furious whispers and frustrated shouts.

‘You act so surprised’, sings ellakate to a boy who just doesn’t seem to understand that she doesn’t want anything more than friendship. ‘I said it many times’, she sings, showing vocals that range from whispery and hiccuping to a drawn-out yell, building to the main theme of the chorus, ‘It’s not my fault that you don’t get it’. The lyrics are conversational, perhaps not striking but there’s a genuine feeling as she cries ‘you thought that I would change’, combined with quirky, driving melodies. 

The song’s production opens with pizzicato strings, giving the tone a strange angularity, and there are welcome elements of surprise throughout the tracks – sudden stabs of guitars, pans, synth swoops, flickering for a moment then gone. But the chorus lands us firmly in teen grunge, with its big guitars, shakers, and driving drums, and that’s maintained for a big climactic ending. There are predictable parts to this track, but enough freshness to keep the interest too. 

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Words Eden Tredwell