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Folk Artist Alex Roberts Love & Supernatural (Remastered)

Alex Roberts Love & Supernatural

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of his album Love & Supernatural, Folk artist Alex Roberts has released a remastered and remixed special edition of this record, including some bonus tracks, for a total of 17 songs, giving some extra flair to this already colourful compilation.

Alex Roberts – Love & Supernatural

Fueled by his particular beliefs, Alex Roberts’s newest work is actually a reimagined version of his 2013 LP Love & Supernatural, a musical work that deals with themes of romance, and Alex’s own magical practices, a subject on which this musician is very fond of, and it’s heavily reflected all over this album.

Opening this record spectacularly, we have Wandering Aengus, a track based on the 1897 poem “The Song of Wandering Aengus” by W. B. Yeats. This uncanny melody gathers medieval themes with Folk elements resulting in a sound that evokes the bard’s tales.

In Your Surrender, Alex takes us on a relaxing trip, with his soothing, raspy vocals leading the way.

A nice touch is all the instrumental choices sprinkled all over this LP, whether is the medieval flute in To Abeona (a song which by the way, is written for the goddess of journeys and also for someone close to Alex who had gone missing), or the cathartic harmonica in Broken Bow giving strong Americana vibes, or the Blues oriented arrangements in Every Fall In Your Step, the truth is that Love & Supernatural overflows with fascinating ideas.

In other instances like The Jolly Boat, Lord Franklin, or To Sophia, Alex relies on his captivating storytelling showing what he is capable of just with a guitar and his peculiar voice to deliver engaging narrations through his formidable music.

Love And Supernatural is a special chapter on this album, not only for being the self-titled track but also for its meaningful lyrical content regarding Alex’s unique vision of life, touching themes of romance, nature, and freedom of choice.

The closer, By The Stour, is the equivalent of a Folk lullaby, dedicated to Alex’s old pub located in Dorset, followed by the final five tracks, which are live renditions of the singles: Watch Them Stars, Lord Franklin, Jack of Diamonds, Every Fall In Your Step, and Wandering Aengus.

Love & Supernatural is an aural voyage surrounded by mysticism and inventive ideas production-wise.

Alex Roberts has crafted more than another Folk album, he has created a sonorous diary, recollecting memories, thoughts, and stories, powered by his unparalleled skills as a performer and lyricist. Certainly, it is a work you should check out as soon as possible.

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Words Javier Rodriguez