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It All Gets ‘Igam Ogam’ With Mali Hâf 

Mali Hâf - ‘Igam Ogam’ on Right Chord Music

Discover Mali Hâf’s hypnotic EDM Welsh-language creation.

Mali Hâf – ‘Igam Ogam’

For the non-Welsh speakers in the group, ‘Igam Ogam’ means zig-zag, or meandering. It’s one of artist Mali Hâf’s favourite Welsh words, and an appropriate title for a song about the joys of uncertainty, from an artist with a passion for Welsh language music. And even if your Welsh skills are rusty, there’s plenty of grooves to enjoy. 

Mali Hâf is a Welsh alt-pop artist with a passion for writing and singing in the Welsh language. This track is the second single from an upcoming EP titled ‘Jig-So’, which is due in the autumn and features collaboration from producer Minas.

‘Igam Ogam’ is a playful alt-pop track with plenty of EDM and house influence, dedicated to the twists and turns of life.

I always walk the zig-zag path, sometimes I long for the straight path’ sing Mali’s strange yet compelling lyrics. They shift from weary to mischievous to mysterious as she notes ‘There is no way around the zig-zag path’, and addresses her younger self, a ‘shy little girl’ she advises to ‘lose her way’. Her voice is smoky and commanding, confident on the track and the hypnotic melodies, with the ‘igam ogam’ hook being instantly memorable. 

The track starts with a quavering, piercing synth riff, with an almost playground-reminiscent melody. It builds up with snapping, industrial-influenced beats that stutter and don’t always go where expected. Lonely chords and synth pads build up with swirls and sirens to create a compelling sound, showing a variety of electronic influences. It’s easy to see why Mali’s tracks have already gained her radio play, she creates a distinct identity, with influences of everyone from Kate Bush to SOPHIE.

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Words Eden Tredwell