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Sky Barkers Opens Up With ‘House Keys’

Sky Barkers 'House Keys' Right Chord Music

West Wales trio Sky Barkers are kicking off 2023 with another indie rock gem in the form of ‘House Keys’, a composition taking advantage of their singular songwriting style and addictive hooks, continuing their mission to captivate as many hearts as possible.

Sky Barkers – House Keys

The last time we saw Sky Barkers, they released the acclaimed tune Give You Love this past September, gathering thousands of streams for this composition only. Ready to keep amassing accomplishments, their new tune House Keys is a subtle departure from the previous single, cementing Sky Barkers as a highly versatile act.

Throughout this piece, the distorted guitars create a captivating contrast with the catchy synths. Jo’s vocals are soothing, although, at times, they reach an emotional climax that evidences her singing ability.

Diving further into her performing skills, lead singer Jo MacGregor explains:

Performing in a raw, connective way, feels to me like pulling something down from the air and merging it with my own body, then sending it out – it’s my favourite thing in the world. Being human is fairly hardcore, so when we can lift up and share our small griefs and joys, it feels as though things make a tiny bit more sense. Or at least they ache less for having been recognised.

House Keys make it clear Sky Barkers are not going anywhere, if anything, this new delivery adds more variety to their already riveting repertoire, giving new listeners the perfect excuse to dive into the sound of this Scottish talented up-and-coming act.

“House Keys is an efficacious showcase of indie rock, straight to the point and wholesome on many levels.”

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“Broken Shiny Love is a collection of songs from the past two years, exploring, as honestly as possible, some of the forms and shape shifts that Love knows. From reclaiming my femininity after teenage shame, to losing my mind in motherhood, to celebrating physical connection as an absolute necessity after the sterility of lockdown life.” Sky Barkers

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Words Javier Rodriguez