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Luna Waves Brings Light From Under The ‘Blood Moon’

Luna Waves Blood Moon

‘Blood Moon’, the follow up to Luna Waves’ 2018 debut ‘Seafoam Dreams (Part 1)’, is a cinematic arrangement of songs that explore a range of 90s sounds and musical techniques.

Luna Waves – Blood Moon

It’s clear the man behind the music Rob Muir was not afraid to venture from genre to genre, as each track differs in one way or another, whether that be through instruments, vocals or lyrical style.

The opening track ‘Dawn Choral’ awaits us – a purely instrumental piece that generates a utopian atmosphere via the blend of EDM and guitar chords to amplify hints of psychedelia. A track later we are introduced to the slick velvety vocals of Luna Waves on ‘Dayglow’, accompanied by just as invigorating instrumentals that this time drifts into the genres of Electropop and Dance.

“An atmospheric album that isn’t afraid to delve into the details of its own theme”

In a recent interview with The Last Future, Muir talked about what he wanted to convey in his work, saying:

“A lot of the songs on Blood Moon are inspired by the global darkness of the past few years and at times it often felt to me and I’m sure a lot of other people like me we were facing an eclipse under a Blood Moon and waiting for the world to be reset or wiped out, which is where the album title came from.”

I feel as if we can see this influence emphasised most, instrumentally and lyrically, in the two tracks ‘Sunny Side Down’ and ‘Cosmic Dust’. ‘Sunny Side Down’ is more than just a catchy melody, incorporating several patterns of electronica into one. ‘Cosmic Dust’ consists of an otherworldly sound as if we combined music from past generations with music from future generations.

The title track ‘Blood Moon’ is where the 90s aura is most prominent, also showcasing some aspects of the 80s. Through sophisticated production and glistening vocals, the song sounds as if it could either be the centre of attention at a late-night disco or a sci-fi theme tune. ‘Sundial’, the closing track, is a slower tempo melody. By presenting us with another layer of instruments, it contributes a trance-like feel to the album.

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Words Francoise Maurer