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Lessens rock our ‘Foundations’ (Feat. Emily Rose)

Lessens Foundation feat Emily Rose

Lessens return with ‘Foundations (Feat Emily Rose)’.  A brooding, melodic gem, and one of the best songs of the year so far.

Introducing Lessens

The Bristol trio seeks to find the beauty that exists in places of darkness, as it is often in that place that we find hope.  The quiet melancholy of their music is mixed with ‘sporadic eruptions’ of vitriol and moments of ‘accidental happiness’.  The band beautifully describe their approach – ‘Loud is made louder by quiet.  Quiet is made quieter by loud.  Give melody space.’

‘Foundations’ sees the band join forces with Emily Rose, a previous Poet Laureate for Staffordshire, who they met after playing with her band Rose & Cloud.  Musically, the bass guitar anchors the track, providing much of the songs melodic and rhythmic foundation.  The ambience and colour produced by the trumpet and reverbed guitar give an ominous feel.

At first, listen it seems the track will take the well-worn path of a slow melodic build to an inevitable crescendo.  Yet, just before the two-minute mark, it changes.  The drums drop out, the guitar fades, the vocals are replaced by the spoken word of Emily Rose.  The music ebbs and flows, building melodic tension, but never overbearing Rose’s wonderful poetry.  The slow build abruptly peaks with a loud, frantic, and surprisingly short crescendo.

There are times when the use of the spoken word in a track can feel forced, even jarring.  Not so with ‘Foundations’, as every element seems to fit perfectly.  The mix of vocals and poetry, quiet and loud, tension and beauty, all together in perfect proportions.

Comparisons can be drawn to the driving bass of Joy Division, the sparseness of early Interpol, and the melodic layering of Doves.  Yet this ‘sounds like’ or genre-defining is something often forced upon acts by music journalists.  As is often the case, these comparisons fail to adequately describe Lessens’ sound.  They sound like themselves – distinctively brilliant.

‘Foundations’ will be released on the 5th of February.  Lessens play at The Exchange in Bristol on the 15th of February with Mono Dots and The Malefic Grip.  Be sure to follow the band on Facebook, or Instagram for more announcements, and check them out on Spotify.

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Words Nicholas Cheek