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Lost Foxes Can Still Smell The ‘Petrichor’

Lost Foxes Petrichor review on Right Chord Music

Lost Fox’s new track ‘Petrichor’ is an explosion of colour on a nostalgic canvas.

Lost Foxes ‘Petrichor’

A tightly knit indie rock anthem that dives into universal emotions of longing and nostalgia, ‘Petrichor’ is fueled by an emotional maturity not often found in the genre. While catchy and inviting, its essence is intimate, often provoking a sense of connection that ties in with the song’s main ideas. 

Wrapped up neatly in lush production, the tremendous lead vocals cut through the wonderfully layered rock instrumentation. While comparisons could be drawn to early Cage the Elephant or Declan McKenna’s infectious hooks, Lost Foxes’ ‘Petrichor’ have crafted a sound unlike anything else, centred around atmospheric palettes and stripped-back grooves. 

Throughout the track, Lost Foxes confront their youth with intimate sentimentality, while never getting lost in their nostalgia. The track is on the offence – optimistic, powerful, and secure in its hope for a brighter future. Shedding any doubts while allowing the familiar feeling of wanting to revisit the past makes ‘Petrichor’ stand out. It’s never melodramatic or unsure; this track knows exactly what It needs to be.

Petrichor is the smell of rain after a dry spell, often labelled as nostalgic and romantic. Lost Foxes’ use of ambience (most evidently the rain sounds in the background) paired with delightfully dry instrumentation haunts the listener, commanding an emotive response that’s both familiar and, simultaneously, brand new. Rich in structure and rhythm, the track dives headfirst into its core concepts of nostalgic pining and hope for brighter days, with tact and grace. ‘Petrichor’ knows the monotonous day-to-day life its listener is conscripted to, and bleeds honey-covered hope through the speaker with every crisp snare hit and warm guitar chord.

A tremendous look into the talent upcoming rockers ‘Lost Foxes’ have to offer, ‘Petrichor’ is enveloped by atmospheric genius and strong performances.

“We made this song to inspire others to get out, drive somewhere, do something, just have fun, and enjoy living.” – Lost Foxes

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Words Ciarán Coleman