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Brianna Scully Shares Her Debut EP ‘Manic’

Brianna Scully - Manic EP review on Right Chord Music

After what’s been a year full of great releases, South Florida singer and songwriter Brianna Scully has finally shared her first EP, Manic.

Brianna Scully – Manic

Throughout 2023 and in collaboration with producer Brandon Lew, Brianna demonstrated her consistency by releasing four singles, Resist You, Haunted, Touch, and Fuck Up Your Life, all of which received praise from different music blogs, including Bored City, HappyMag, Pop Passion Blog, and of course, Right Chord Music.

These well-rounded tunes were the perfect appetizer for the main dish, Brianna’s long-awaited debut EP, Manic. This work consists of five songs telling stories of love, loss, trauma, and survival, all displaying this artist’s reflective songwriting.

The opening track, Resist You, tackles the many hardships of a past toxic relationship, exemplifying Brianna’s ability to mix raw lyricism with an irresistible production that comes as highly pleasant to the ears (something she excels at in this EP).

Still, on a distressing topic, The One Who’s Crying reflects on how difficult it is to forget someone who meant a lot to you, even if the person in question failed you. Driven by this singer’s heartfelt vocals and an unforgettable hook, this melody builds towards an emotional climax in a contrasting chorus that combines upbeat instrumentation with its heartbreaking topic.

Like the everlasting presence of a ghost from the past, Haunted depicts her frustrations by being incapable of moving on, except that this time, the catchy and energized production got replaced by a subtle performance with a sublime piano and a soothing vocal work that exudes sensitivity.

This short compilation reaches one of its peak moments with Touch, which carries the most sensitive theme of this work. Inspired by a tragic event during Brianna’s youth, this melody is based on her unfortunate experience with sexual assault. She hopes this composition can help others who have suffered from this kind of traumatic event.

The track features Brandon Lew under his artist guise as Polf, the poignant guitar chords and delicate synth passages work as the perfect medium for the heart-wrenching lyrics, creating a song that is as tragic as it is powerful.

For the final act of this auditive odyssey, this performer decided to end this with a big bang. Fuck Up Your Life lets us see Brianna unleashed and not holding anything back, offering the ultimate diss, complemented by emphatic synth lines and her upfront delivery, finishing this EP with a big exclamation mark.

“Manic is a roller-coaster that balances raw emotion with pop performance.”

Overall, Manic not only represents an artistic milestone for Brianna Scully, but it’s also a bold and honest effort where this performer poured her heart and soul, hence why it comes as endearing as it is. From her assertive side to the most vulnerable one, this record is a noteworthy feat for this skilled emerging talent.

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