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Lizzie Claps Back With ‘Fool of My Heart’

Lizzie - Fool of My Heart

Lizzie serves up some pop-rock with a side of honesty on Fool of My Heart.

Lizzie – Fool of My Heart

If only people kept their promises if only lovers never lied. There’s no foolproof defence against heartbreak, but I’m a fan of communication and honesty and setting expectations – and that’s what Lizzie attempts in her latest release, ‘Fool of My Heart’, where she lays down the law with a potential lover. 

At 18, Lizzie has already got an EP under her belt, along with press recognition, plays from BBC Introducing, and plenty of gigs, including a school tour.

‘Fool of My Heart’ is a pop-rock jam with bags of attitude and a direct approach to its subject.

Lizzie demands nothing less than honesty from the one she’s interested in as she sings ‘Will you speak the truth or do I call you out?’, but believes in her lover as she tells them ‘you won’t lie in front of me’. Her vocals are notably mature with impressive control and a rocky edge, belting out the ‘don’t make a fool of my heart’ chorus and those catchy ‘whoas’. And there’s a romantic core at heart here, with the direct lyrics demanding ‘When you say you love me, stand by every word.’

The track has an excellent groove to it, with a punchy bassline, buzzing electric guitars, and even a riff featuring what seems to be boom whackers. (Any secondary school music teachers reading this are probably triggered now.) It’s got a nice balance between freshness and familiarity and would slot in well with edgy female pop singers like Miley Cyrus, Olivia Rodrigo, and P!nk. With her youthful confidence, strong vocals and heartfelt songwriting, I’m sure that Lizzie will be a recurring name amongst the up-and-comers. 

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Words Eden Tredwell