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Discover The Music Review Mixtape Vol. 12

Music Review Mixtape Vol 12

Welcome to the Music Review Mixtape. In this feature, RCM staff writer Javier Rodriguez provides a round-up of the best new music submitted to our website. Today he introduces 7 new artists, with a short, snackable music review.

James’ Room ‘Glass Cards’

After a 2022 full of praise thanks to their astonishing debut single Come In, Bath/Bristol quintet James’ Room is back with Glass Cards, a track with all the musical intensity and traits that made them stand out early this year while adding some new and cool elements into the mix.

For those who have never heard of James’ Room before, you will notice the similarities between this group and the legendary band U2, an act that is one of the biggest influences for these lads. Frontman Sam Jones’ vocal delivery shares a very similar tonality with Bono’s voice being more specific during the Boy / War era; the same can be said about the killer riffs in this piece.

Although the most obvious difference that separates James’ Room from the Irish icons is the heavy focus on synths in this track by the hand of the newest member of the band, Will Coomes. Another dissimilarity would be the poignant lyrics, which explore feelings of loss and instability.

Overall, James’ Room has crafted a song with enough freshness and creative choices to keep fans engaged and waiting for their next move.

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Carlo Espresso ‘Heart of Stone’

Our next guest is the absolute definition of a multifaceted artist, Carlo Espresso is not only a talented musician but also what many would call a “citizen of the world”, having lived in many different countries throughout his life, including France, Brazil,  and England, something that could explain his colourful and rich music background, exhibited in his newest offering Heart of Stone.

Heart of Stone starts like an acoustic ballad with Carlo’s silk voice paving the way through this charming melody, but just when you thought you had this tune figured out, this unpredictable singer surprises by building into a flamenco solo, showcasing his domain of this instrument.

This fabulous instrumentation fits incredibly well with the lyrics regarding a love that has grown cold into a one-sided relationship, evidencing Carlo’s passion which is almost palpable due to his flawless performance.

Carlo Espresso has scored another marvellous work that you should not miss under any circumstances.

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ne=ro ‘Shine To Me’

Looking to have a positive influence on people and inspire them through the power of music, alternative rocker ne=ro is ready to take the world by storm with his 80s/90s fueled sound and highly personal lyrics. Recently he revealed his newest banger Shine To Me, a song that can be described as a meaningful throwback to the golden era of alternative music.

In this riveting musical work, we can appreciate pulsating drums followed by a Grungy riff that intertwines with Ro’s deep voice, quickly escalating to a high-energy chorus, evoking the spirit of 90s rock music.

The inspiration for this track comes from that blissful sensation that appears when you’re with someone that makes you feel like being on top of the world, simply being happy. There is no surprise why this song received airplay from Amazing Radio UK and USA.

Exuding optimism, Shine To Me will stick with you, making you press that repeat button multiple times and tapping your feet with its infectious rhythm.

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Ninali ‘Tokyo’

Born in the Netherlands and raised in Belgium, Ninali started her musical journey when she was a teenager, writing and singing her first songs. Subsequently, she got signed by an independent label when she was just 18 years old. After this, she released her first single, Lovedrunk, which had a pretty decent rotation on radio stations all over the country. But the accolades didn’t stop there, her second track Millionaire, reached the spot number 34 on the Ultratop Tip charts in Belgium. All these experiences led her to perform at countless venues in her native land as an opening act.

Ninali’s sound covers a lot of ground, resulting in a melting pot of genres such as Jazz, R&B, and Pop. In Tokyo, this blending of styles comes with a subtle and elegant production that exalts Ninali’s vocal prowess. The theme of this song surged from an intense yearning for a distant place caused by the quarantine.

Now, after a hiatus and with brand new eyes, Ninali is more than prepared to pursue new goals in her career, so let this terrific singer take you on an aural trip to the capital of Japan without leaving the comfort of your home.

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Fonto ‘Trust Nobody’

Hailing from the Bronx, New York, and of Cuban / American descent, Fonto is a sound engineer, producer, and recording artist with lots of experience despite his youth. Since an early age, Fonto has worked non-stop rapping, producing, and collaborating with plenty of emerging rappers, rapidly achieving notoriety thanks to his first viral hit, Felony, at just 16 years old.

One of his most recent singles, Trust Nobody was a collaboration with the acclaimed rapper SoFaygo before the latter got signed by Travis Scott’s label.

In this track ‘Float’, Hyperpop and Psychedelic Hip-hop meet, with Fonto spitting some hot rhymes, while the ethereal production creates a dreamy ambience that feels both fresh and well-penned.

There is a little bit of everything in this piece to please modern Hip-hop fans and people who are simply looking for something original.

Still growing, learning, and evolving, Fonto keeps proving that nothing can stop his current momentum.

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Rumara ‘Teeth’

Just a couple of months after the release of their self-titled EP and a series of live shows across the UK capital (including an important presentation at the 93 Feet East) formidable South London duo Rumara has made their triumphal return with Teeth, the first of many releases to come over the coming months.

This group is the byproduct of Laura V (vocals) and Yujin Matsutoya (production), a pair of skilled musicians that has deciphered the formula for mind-blowing Electro pop.

Laura’s sweet vocal work blends gracefully with the steady beat and solemn synths, slowly expanding into a dramatic and monumental sonic array by the hand of Yujin, provoking strong feelings of sovereignty and awe.

The name of this outfit derives from the Portuguese word Rumar,  which means “to move towards” a concept that embodies the “in constant motion” nature of this band’s sound, and it shows in top-tier compositions like this one.

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Battery Point ‘Augury / Beech Tree’

All good things must end, but luckily for us, our last act for this day is an exciting band making its debut. Battery Point is a quintet from different parts of South West UK who just revealed their first set of singles, Augury and Beech Tree.

Augury is an exquisite coalescence of Post-Punk greatness and Alternative rock driven by a slow-paced rhythm section where the lead vocals carry the piece, culminating in a chaotic crescendo that perfectly portrays the decadence of its narration. And talking about narration, this melody unfolds a captivating story about a protagonist capable of seeing a bleak future that no one else can.

On the other hand, Beech Tree tells a more complicated yet equally engaging tale regarding a buried trauma told through the perspective of a protagonist who stumbled across a dead body, loosely inspired by the film Petite Maman.

This one is a more laid-back composition, with a more subtle instrumentation on which the almost hypnotic guitar and the soft-spoken vocal delivery are the MVPs of this soothing sonorous odyssey.

Battery Point’s first offerings are a pleasant and compelling introduction that makes us eager to hear what they will do next.

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Words Javier Rodriguez