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CRUZ Want To ‘Make It Right’

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Discover CRUZ’s polished piece of indie-rock.

CRUZ – Make It Right

How do you make things right with someone? An apology, the traditional bouquet of flowers, or even the full John Hughes boombox outside the window? Well, whatever way you choose, CRUZ are here to cheer you on with a catchy indie rock track titled – of course – ‘Make It Right’. (‘Stop Being An Eejit’ just didn’t have the same ring to it.)

CRUZ are a four-piece band hailing from Sheffield. Having released their debut single in June 2022, they’ve wasted no time with further releases and securing gigs and festival slots.

“Make It Right is a hooky indie-rock track with a deceptively infectious groove and impassioned lyrics.”

‘You’re fading, like your sense of belief’ begin the lyrics, both directly addressing an unseen friend and also embodying an all-knowing narrator. They exhort someone to ‘tell her how you’re feeling’ and stop wasting time – ‘if time is of the essence then where has it gone?’. The memorable chorus advises to give up any false bravado – ‘you’re walking talking acting like you’re something’ – and just ‘make it right’. The melodies are well crafted and genre-ready, and delivered in strong, commanding lead vocals.

The production centres around a chugging rhythm guitar, and a characterful lead, playing some well-made, quirky riffs. The verses are jangling and deceptively pulled back before ramping up into the chorus with crashing beats, and there’s a slick solo to end the song – one could only wish for some backing vocals to round out the sound. Still, fans of the Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks will find familiar ground here, but retaining its own identity.

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Words Eden Tredwell