Lissy Taylor Shows Her Devotion On New Single ‘Healer’

Proving that 2022 is her year, upcoming singer and songwriter Lissy Taylor has revealed another track that maintains the quality of her previous releases while showing her varied skill set as a musician. ‘Healer’ is proof of the undeniable presence of this artist on the independent circuit.

Lissy Taylor – Healer

Since her debut, Lissy Taylor found a way to connect with her fans on a deeply personal level thanks to her ability to be relatable through her music, focusing on universal feelings, and always crafting musical pieces that feel genuine and from the heart.

After the success of the releases Young and She’s a Stunner, Stoke-On-Trent native Lissy Taylor has returned with her third and second to last offering of 2022. Healer continues with the fantastic momentum that this performer has generated over the last few months.

We already saw Lissy’s free-spirited side in Young, as well as a more courageous version of her in She’s a Stunner, but this time Lissy has opted to display a kind vibe in Healer, a song about unconditional love dedicated to those people who always help others without wanting anything in exchange, in other words, a hymn for the compassionate and good-hearted.

Narrated from a first-person perspective, this melody contains the same emotional intensity that Lissy has always exhibited. The spectacular instrumentation comprised of vigorous drums, a pulsating bass line, and memorable riffs lead to a chorus that is both catchy and heavenly, thanks to Lissy’s angelical delivery.

Healer is a lovable ode to generosity and devotion, perfectly executed thanks to its fantastic musicianship and heartwarming lyricism.

Ultimately, Healer is another solid work by this formidable artist, representing a leap forward in terms of versatility and lyrical prowess. These three musical gems result from a hard-working talent that deserves every bit of praise she is getting right now.

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