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Tofa & Rooxie Team Up To Take On ‘Anxiety’ 

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Australian artist Tofa is on a mission to release a new song every week in 2023. On this occasion, he has joined forces with his compatriot Rooxie for the track Anxiety.

Tofa & Rooxie – Anxiety

Currently based in Brisbane, Australia, but with roots in the UK, Tofa’s story began as a young kid playing different instruments. Later, during his teens, he developed a passion for freestyling and writing/recording his own songs.

Despite the challenges in his life, Tofa is determined to make a difference and have a positive effect among his fans with his uncanny blend of hip-hop, pop, and R&B. Such a colourful range of influences is evidenced in his melody, Anxiety.

Anxiety does indeed feel like an amalgamation of different styles. On the one hand, the acoustic guitar evokes vulnerability and calmness. On the other hand, the passionate vocals give this song a different meaning, with witty songwriting being one of the highlights of this melody. Rooxie’s segment complements the track incredibly well, with their verse dealing with the troublesome situation of falling for someone who isn’t good for you.

Talking about the lyrics, while on the surface it might look like this is a song dedicated to a significant other, in actuality is about…well you guessed it, ‘anxiety’ and is that hidden significance what grants this composition a special meaning that makes you want to hear it again to catch all those sweet, juicy metaphors.

“Anxiety is the perfect mixture of catchiness and emotional distress.”

If you loved this piece, then we have some good news for you because Tofa has promised to release an abundance of songs for the rest of 2023, so you better buckle up because there is still plenty of this musician for you to enjoy this year.

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Words Javier Rodriguez