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Lavinia Cos is ‘Cutting Ties’ but stepping forward

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It’s 2022 and we’re cutting toxic people out of our life. Your friend! Your ex! Your dog! (He knows what he did.)

Lavinia Cos – Cutting Ties

Lavinia Cos is reaching deep into some personal history for her second single ‘Cutting Ties’, inspired by her relationship with her father. It’s not what everyone would do for an early single, but the guts must be admired, and I’m sure the subject will resonate with many listeners.

Pop singer-songwriter Lavinia Cos has long been training as a vocalist, but is still fairly fresh on the songwriting scene, with her debut EP due this year. ‘Cutting Ties’ is a piano-led pop ballad dedicated to parting ways with someone for your own sake, full of sweet melodies and youthful emotion. The lyrics are dramatic, yet there’s something charming and refreshing about the lack of embarrassment or cool-girl persona here, with lines like “Didn’t wanna cut all ties but you’re the one who handed me the knife.” I’m reminded of the early 2000s with the height of emo-pop, you could easily hear this on an Avril Lavigne or Christina Perri album.

Cos’ voice is polished, gutsy yet quavering with emotion, delivering lines like “Shouldn’t that be the bare minimum?” with a touch of theatricality. There are some classic pop melodies to be found, weaving around some vintage harmonies. The strings and drum parts could use some development, but the sweet piano lines save the song from sinking into too much melancholy. An enjoyable track, delivered well, with plenty of potential to grow.

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Words Eden Tredwell