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Lake And Lyndale ‘Could’ve Loved You’

Lake And Lyndale Could've Loved You

Lake And Lyndale Unveil Romantic Reflection On Latest Single ‘Could’ve Loved You’

Lake And Lyndale – Could’ve Loved You

Nashville natives Lake And Lyndale released their country-soul melody ‘Could’ve Loved You’ last March. It’s a song comprising serene acoustics, reflective lyrics and majestic vocals. We hear these serene acoustics as soon as the song begins, bringing about a wistful quality that continues in the opening line ‘Saw it in the paper, that you’d got married.’

One thing you’ll notice in ‘Could’ve Loved You’ is frontwoman Channing Marie, guitarist Jon Krentz and singer-songwriter Kayley Bishop’s impressive ability to retell a story so eloquently consisting of such heartfelt words. Krentz himself said “as a band, our goal was to sonically match the vibe of the lyric and we hope that ‘sad/reflective’ sentiment comes across to the listener.”

The chorus of this song is bound to get stuck in your head and is where the country roots shine through, after some hints of soul and folk. Each genre compliments the spirit of ‘Could’ve Loved You’; in fact, I don’t think you could find a better instrumental and voice for a song about a long lost romance that slipped through your fingers. This message is signalled further in the music video, featuring Channing Marie and a woman who looks just like her, hence the lyric ‘I swear that she looks a little like me with a touch of ordinary’. Symbolism is frequent here, what with both women dropping a wine glass on the floor. Marie’s glass shatters into the broken fragments of her past relationship, while the other woman’s stays in one piece, like her relationship.

“With an engaging story and articulate singing, there’s no doubt that ‘Could’ve Loved You’ is pure country bliss.”

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Words Françoise Maurer