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The Bad Actors Launch With ‘Help Me Lose My Mind’

The Bad Actors Help Me Lose My Mind on Right Chord Music

Discover The Bad Actor’s psychedelic, tongue-in-cheek debut.

The Bad Actors -’Help Me Lose My Mind’

The inspiration behind this track is an unusual one – ‘The Bad Actors’ frontman Remi was approached by someone asking for money at a train station. However, instead of the usual lines, he had a more direct approach, telling Remi ‘I need to get high’. Admiring his straightforwardness, Remi channelled this anecdote in ‘Help Me Lose My Mind’. 

The Bad Actors are an indie rock duo consisting of drummer Jay and frontman Remi. Also part of the band We Are Southpaw, the boys bring their experience of writing and gigging at various venues and festivals to this new project and their debut single.

‘Help Me Lose My Mind’ is an explosive funk-rock track with plenty of retro influences and a quirky narrative view.

Our hero comes across this wanderer at the train station, and is ‘drawn in by his candour’. The lyrics are casual and conversational, retelling the story as the narrator suggests the man ‘could get help’, but is called ‘naive’ and entreated, ‘help me lose my mind’. There’s not much in the way of melodies, as the lyrics are delivered in a speak-sing fashion, but it’s undeniably charismatic and the titular chorus is instantly memorable. 

1970s fans will enjoy the old-school, late-night funky keys, along with the crashing drums, strutting bass, and sharp guitars, with enough licks, fills, and riffs to satisfy the soul. It all has a loose, unpredictable, psychedelic jam session feel and would no doubt go down a storm in a live setting. Fans of acts like Ian Dury and Iron Butterfly would enjoy this, but anyone looking for a funk fix should check it out too. 

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Words Eden Tredwell