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Kitty Rae Is “Sick of Being Sad”

Kitty Rae - Sick of Being Sad Right Chord Music Blog

Kitty Rae’s new single shows the singer rising up from desolation.

Kitty Rae – Sick of Being Sad

Kitty Rae has decided to pull themself up from rock bottom. In the lead-off single of their upcoming album (due this year) the Australian singer-songwriter declares that they have had enough of wallowing in pain and self-pity.

A sort of 21st century “I will survive”, the song lays out a journey of self-empowerment, from the quiet gloomy verses, in which they whisper narrate their pain and despair in the company of a light synthesiser, to the epiphanic chorus, which sees them rise above with a passionate belt, backed up by a fierce electronic beat. The production does a perfect job of creating a moody yet uplifting atmosphere that is perfect to bounce to at the height of the party. You can almost picture them confidently striding forward. Each sound blast in the chorus, one step. Watch out! You wouldn’t want to stand in their way!

Their emotional outburst is such that a clean version had to be offered alongside the original one. “I let myself dwell in this SILLY situation, but I’m done”, they rant in the PG cut. But, of course, it comes off way more genuine with the other s-word left uncensored…

These dark tones are further explored in the video, in which Rae menacingly stands in the dark, dancing with her friends as flashing pink and blue neon lights flicker to the beat.

Kitty Rae’s last single “Swim with Sharks” (another electro-gothic cut) has accrued over 25,500 streams, aside from receiving airplay on Australian radio JOYFM and becoming a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. The singer has also been making waves on Tik Tok. They have also performed at Moomba Festival and toured in support of a number of artists.

“A dark and gloomy electropop piece, the song makes use of an uplifting and infectious beat to tell a tale of newfound strength”

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio