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Kate Castro And The Spirituality of ‘Telepathy’

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Kate Castro returns with ‘Telepathy’ an out-of-body musical experience which is soothingly absorbing.

Kate Castro – Telepathy

Fueled by her love and deep understanding of spirituality, Kate Castro’s music is a reflection of her life philosophy, always eager to connect with her audience in different ways, exhibited in the single Telepathy, which is the embodiment of this concept, taking advantage of Kate’s R&B sound to share her particular vision with the rest of the world.

Proving that everything happens at the right time, Kate Castro had to leave aside her artistic career for a brief period to fully dedicate herself to making some money in Los Angeles while working in sales/insurance, something that brought amazing people and experiences to her life. Despite all these positive things, Kate’s passion for music was still there, and it got eventually reignited, bringing formidable songs like her brand-new single, Telepathy.

Like most art forms, Kate’s newest composition is open to interpretation, looking for people to relate to it thanks to the universality displayed in this melody. So, in other words, Kate wants her audience to:

… interpret the song however they’d like while enjoying the sound. Feelings of passion and uncertainty are universal. I’ve always loved the word and meaning of Telepathy. From there, I went with experienced feelings. Spirituality is a large part of my life and I believe we communicate in more ways than the usual communication=speaking.” – said the artist about her track.

Backed by chill instrumentation, Kate’s voice is like a sweet auditive anti-stress, creating a comforting atmosphere where a highly satisfying guitar paves the way for her dexterous vocal delivery, meeting all the requirements for a delicately sublime piece.

Kate Castro’s singular take on R&B can be described as food for the soul, capable of transmitting emotions on a deep level that feels like a spiritual escapade. This is an artist with the fantastic ability to make you both, wanna listen to her and lose yourself in her heavenly sound.

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Words Javier Rodriguez