Thom Morecroft ‘The Last Day You Left Home’ Will Warm Your Soul

Thom Morecroft delivers a feeling of calmness and good nature, like a care package from Lapland, ‘The Last Day You Left Home’ will warm you up on these cold winter evenings.

Thom Morecroft – The Last Day You Left

We are now we are entering the Christmas holidays and getting ready to celebrate another turn of our planet around the sun, giving each other gifts, hanging decorations around the house, decorating the Christmas tree, and listening to endless Mariah Carey. Faced with this prospect, let’s talk about something really pleasant to the ear!

The Last Day You Left Home feels and listens like a letter from your loved ones for the holidays. And although there is no mention of New Year or Christmas in the song, it feels very soulful and warm, as befits good songs with an acoustic guitar. Personally, I don’t think that acoustic guitar songs can be angry and aggressive. Seriously, if you’re torturing your six-string beauty in an attempt to play Metallica on it, leave it alone, for heaven’s sake. For such purposes, air drums are best suited. 

There is a bittersweet tone to ‘The Last Day You Left Home’ with melancholy lyrics reminiscing about moments that will never happen again counter-balanced by the do-do’s and warm colour saturation of the video.

Guitar layers are layered on top of each other, a gentle echo flies in the background, the music video turns into a kind of Disney fairy tale with flying books around the room, alive apples and spirits that turn people into watercolour statues – what else do you need for a new song in your Christmas playlist? For me personally, this is perfect enough. So if you suddenly have free time and you like spending time together with good and sincere music, be sure to visit Thom Morecroft.

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Words Otis Cohan Mone