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Tom Seth Johnson Takes Us ‘Anywhere In The World Right Now’

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Tom Seth Johnson ’Anywhere In The World Right Now’ is simple yet effective Nashville rock.

Tom Seth Johnson -’Anywhere In The World Right Now’

If I could be anywhere in the world right now, I would be somewhere with sun. That’s it. That’s the answer. It’s a low bar, but one that the UK has consistently missed for the past…well, it’s probably about 6 months but it feels like 5 sepia-toned years. I miss Vitamin D. Luckily, Tom Seth Johnson’s answer to this question is simpler and a lot less weather-dependent. He just wants to be by your side! And perhaps music can fill in the gaps until the sun comes back. 

Tom Seth Johnson is a UK singer-songwriter who’s often found splitting his time between Oxford and London. The fruits of his musical endeavours during lockdown are now starting to pay off, with slots on BBC Introducing and London gig nights.

‘Anywhere In The World Right Now’ is a widely accessible sing-a-long rock tune, albeit with a depressed edge to it.

Johnson nods to blues classics by starting off the song with ‘I wake up in the morning…’ but adds modern self-deprecation with lines like ‘I’m loathing myself…’. Still, it’s kept upbeat by the easygoing melodies, and Johnson’s voice is particularly enjoyable, reminiscent of UK frontmen like Ricky Wilson and Jake Bugg – a confident delivery and a raspy, packed-gig tone. The titular chorus is memorable after one listen, and could surely get a crowd singing along to it with little effort. 

The production is solid with classic rock licks and a bluesy punch to the bass. The stomping drums and tambourine keep everything moving, but not challenging. It’s all safe and satisfying, though there is a guitar solo outro for those wanting something fancier. It’s accessible rock with a bit of blues and Nashville country flavour – fans of Jake Bugg and Paolo Nutini should enjoy. 

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