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Daniela Galasso Keeps You Warm With ‘Embers’ (Acoustic)

Daniela Galasso Campfire Sparks With ‘Embers’ - Right Chord Music

Daniela Galasso ‘Embers’ is an acoustic rendition of love and insecurity.

Daniela Galasso ‘Embers’

The chorus of ‘Embers’ features the line ‘It chills me to the bone how I can’t see myself without you’. It’s an interesting lyric for a sweet autumnal love song, one that hints at a darkness – perhaps fear of the future, perhaps a worrying codependency. What do we do when the same sparks that warm us could also burn us?  Daniela Galasso doesn’t go too deep into it, but she raises some ideas. 

Daniela Galasso is a singer-songwriter based in California. This isn’t the first outing for ‘Embers’ either – this latest release is an acoustic version of her previously released original, which won Galasso some honourable mentions in songwriting contests, and a respectable amount of streams.

‘Embers’ is a sweetly appealing campfire love song, strong enough to survive being stripped down to guitar and vocals.

Galasso pens some wistful lyrics, with lines like ‘I found a picture of the first time you took me out when I didn’t know’, and some thematically appropriate fireside imagery – still that hint of darkness under ‘We built a fire with the wood we chopped down, and we still watch it ‘cause the embers don’t die down’. The delicate winding melodies pair well with Galasso’s sweet, tuneful voice, though the sudden shift to the upbeat chorus is a little abrupt. 

The stripped-down acoustic setting is successful, with just expressive guitar lines, lead vocals and some backing vocals to pad it all out. Anyone looking for some easy romantic listening should check out ‘Embers’, and perhaps even the original, more driving, version for a fun compare-and-contrast. 

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Words Eden Tredwell