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K.Kayne Drops Smooth R&B Gem ‘Loco’

K.Kayne - Loco

Repping the Reading music scene, R&B newcomer K.Kayne has just released his sophomore single ‘Loco’. Taking time to perfect and hone his sound, 2022 is already shaping up to be a big year for K.Kayne as he now returns with his second track of the year. Finally sharing his gift and passion with the world, K.Kayne is off to an exciting start in the industry. 

K.Kayne – ‘Loco’

Delivering his own brand of smooth and breezy sonics, ‘Loco’ is a track that deserves a place on your chilled playlists, and is the perfect easy-listening track. The young talent exudes confidence in his newest drop, as he gets personal and honest in his lyricism. His rich vocal style glides on top of lo-fi style production and pulsing beats, creating something both feel-good and catchy. 

The rapper reveals Loco is about…

“when you’re freaking out about how things are going in life, but know you’re on the right track”.

Aiming to inspire his listeners, the artist prompts listeners to have faith and trust in the future. Wanting to make a difference and really relate to his listeners, K.Kayne takes a wonderfully refreshing approach to his music as he harbours a beautiful vision for his artistry. 

Nurturing his sound since he was thirteen years old, the artist takes influence from the likes of Juice Wrld and Dave. A stellar example of how music can shape and improve one’s life, K.Kayne is headed straight for the top, so don’t miss out on what this exciting talent returns with next. 

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Words Chloe Hadded