Hazl Brings A ‘Plus 1’

UK rapper Hazl, along with his longtime collaborator and friend T-Millzy, has dropped a hot new summer track titled Plus 1. This release showcases Hazl’s love for 90s hip-hop and R&B, bringing a fresh yet nostalgic vibe to the music scene.

Hazl, T-Millzy ‘Plus 1’

Hailing from West London and Southampton, Hazl and T-Millzy have been best friends since their college days. Their chemistry as collaborators is evident, and they are passionate about sharing their distinctive sound, which blends 90s hip-hop with a classic club bounce. This distinct style is something they feel has been missing from the UK music scene, and they are eager to revive it.

Getting ready for summer, this dynamic duo has released a perfectly timed track, Plus 1. The song draws its initial inspiration from the thrill of attending a party with friends, amplified by the excitement of bringing along someone you’re dating. However, the track evolved into a narrative where Hazl and T-Millzy host a party, with Hazl and his girl turning up the heat as the night goes on.

In terms of lyrics, Hazl cleverly employs the phrase Plus 1 to create intriguing wordplay and homophones. This adds depth to what may seem like a simple expression, with varied interpretations woven throughout the track.

As previously mentioned, while this piece is notably influenced by 90s hip-hop, what sets it apart is the infusion of R&B. Hazl’s melodious and infectious vocals, combined with T-Millzy’s cutting-edge rhymes, create a dynamic synergy between the two artists. Coupled with captivating production featuring hazy vocal effects and irresistible beats, the result is a mesmerizing jam tailor-made for the summer.

“Plus 1 exemplifies finely crafted hip-hop, boasting an impeccable flow and clever rhyme patterns.”

In addition to the single, Hazl and T-Millzy will release a music video on May 30th, capturing the vibrant essence of this refreshing track. Don’t miss out—join them for an unforgettable party experience!

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