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Junior Bill Goes Wild On ‘Boys From Jungle’

Junior Bill Boys From Jungle

Expect a rousing chorus and evocative lyricism from a band that means business. Discover Junior Bill and their single ‘Boys From Jungle’ now.

Junior Bill – Boys From Jungle 

This is a different spin on punk rock, and Junior Bill has imprinted their style profoundly on their single Boys From Jungle. This style generates a sound which is thrilling and unapologetic, and at times, drenched in realism. At moments, the song pushes the lyrics to the forefront, letting us know that the band isn’t truly happy about the world and its misfortunes.

Sonically, the guitars produce a quirky, often unconventional, sound, that really does add dexterity to the whole set-up, and the band is totally in control of what they’re doing. From the get-go, Boys From Jungle manages to keep the interest flowing as the instrumentals come in with volatility, pushing the limitations of this act, which have been around since 2013.

Started as a project from musician Rob Nichols, the band has wowed crowds with their unorthodox approach, shredding their guitars, and creating thought-provoking anecdotes that evoke responses. Boys From Jungle is their latest homage to the punk sector, and it’s a brash affair, but one that rallies points of interest.

The song has that rawness, that punchy chorus, which creates an entertaining segment for the fans to sing along to, and as mentioned before, the lyrical moments are like statements of intent, inner monologues that eventually burst from the mind and onto the sweat-laced page. Also, those vocals are bound in sneers and well-versed dramatics, but that’s what we expect from a band that means business and wants to see the world change for the better. 

‘’Boys In The Jungle is a song that expertly balances musical foundations with thought-provoking lyricism and a free-flowing attitude’’

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