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Julian Wa ‘LOW WAVE’ A Soundtrack For The Quieter Moments of Life

Julian Wa LOW WAVE

LOW WAVE by Julian Wa is a beautiful soundtrack to late-night whispers and early morning contemplation. Listen with your best headphones to get the full experience.

Julian Wa – LOW WAVE

As a new music blogger, you frequently find yourself up early. One of the greatest joys is that moment of total serenity when it’s just you and the music in a dark, silent house. There are few more pure listening experiences away from the distractions of the day. Running a music blog is also a convenient excuse to really just listen with a little more intensity and focus.

LOW WAVE is a collection of Julian Wa’s psychedelic folk meditations. Each track has its own distinctively hazy, otherworldly soundscape. LOW WAVE was recorded in a secluded beachside town over a period of about 4 years, with trademark lo-fi DIY recording setup the key to Julian Wa’s off-kilter, serene sound.

The 10 tracks breeze by, each rarely longer than 2 minutes 30 seconds there is a conscious decision to leave behind song structure convention in favour of a more fluid, organic approach. These tracks feel more akin to beachside sketches or journal entries.

There is a lot to admire here and if you enjoy LOW WAVE take the time to explore more from his catalogue on Spotify or Bandcamp. His self-titled debut EP arrived in 2017 and continues to provide a bold introduction to his alluring mix of avant-garde, wonky pop and psychedelia folk.

Lead single Bloom is reminiscent of bands like Foreign Fields or High Highs and their dreamy soundscapes.

If you are looking for musical escapism, let Julian Wa be your tour guide. Tune in, switch off and zone out to LOW WAVE.

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Words Mark Knight