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Kirrilee Rides The ‘Rollercoasters’

Kirrilee Rollercoasters on Right Chord Music

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, rising artist Kirrilee has unveiled her debut song Rollercoasters. A work exemplifying her soulful songwriting.

Kirrilee – Rollercoasters

For Kirrilee, music has been a key component throughout her life. From a young age, she received training on guitar, piano, and singing, skills that came in very handy when she joined a band in high school.

Some years later, the unique circumstances of the pandemic allowed her to take a DIY approach and learn how to produce and record music on her own. Over the last months, Kirrilee has worked non-stop, releasing songs that denote her refined musical prowess. More specifically, the tracks Loophole and 24/7 (which currently have thousands of streams each) and the melody that started it all, her first single, Rollercoasters.

Produced by the renowned Australian producer Brodie Travers, Rollercoasters is one of those tunes that grabs your attention as soon as you press play. Starting things off with warm synths and Kirrilee’s mesmerising voice, this piece balances her heartfelt songwriting with a fun, upbeat instrumentation which reaches its full potential during the euphoric chorus.

This engaging mixture of indie-pop and synth-pop evokes a heavenly vibe that perfectly reflects the endearing lyrics of love, longing, and self-discovery within this melody, making this bop a compelling and highly satisfying experience that begs to be listened to repeatedly.

“Fun, candid, and catchy, Rollercoasters is an emotionally-charged ride.”

There is no doubt that Kirrilee has made quite a declaration this year. With three successful songs and her debut EP set for release in September, she has carved a path of endless possibilities for her career. Now we just need to wait and see where she’ll take this.

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Words Javier Rodriguez